Drug Rehab in Florida

If you have recognized substance abuse in yourself or a loved one, getting help is essential. Just as critical to receiving care, is figuring out the best resources and providers for the care you or your loved one deserves. Florida saw over 79,000 admissions to treatment centers in 2009. Alcohol was the most commonly abused substance, followed by cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and prescription drugs. No matter the substance, getting help as soon as you are able is essential.

How to choose an addiction rehab center

First, check licenses and accreditation for centers that you are considering. The facility you choose should have a patient-to-nurse ratio that allows you to feel safe, and amenities that make you comfortable. We each have differing priorities in our everyday lives, and this is no different when it comes to a treatment facility. Some people thrive with access to support such as a women’s group. Many people seeking help for addiction are adolescents, and there are many centers specializing in that demographic. Sitting down and outlining what is most important to you – what will help you to get better – is vital in choosing the addiction rehab center for you.

Rehab length in FL

It’s natural to wonder, “what’s the length of rehab?” but the reality is, there’s no real way to give a precise number before beginning a program. Specialists at each facility should be able to provide rough estimates depending on your personal situation and their particular methodology. In many cases, the length is around 30 to 120 days. However, there are plenty of programs that fall short or long of those numbers. Meeting your needs is a much more important priority than beating the clock.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab expenses

Like length, each program and center will come with its own set of prices. Fortunately, it isn’t uncommon for insurance to cover or partially cover these treatments. Check with your provider about PPO or HMO to clarify their policies. Expenses usually depend on the amenities a facility might choose to offer, along with location and other factors.

How to start

Even knowing your priorities and the big questions to ask, the task of choosing the right addiction treatment center can be overwhelming. For support and more information, you can reach out confidentially and free of charge to specialists at this helpline.