Introduction to finding a drug rehab in Georgia

Thousands of Georgia residents are unfortunately addicted to substances such as marijuana, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, amphetamines and prescription drugs. Back in 2005, the number of people admitted into Georgia addiction rehab centers was a staggering 44,890.

Finding the Best Addiction Rehab Center

If you’ve made the first, huge step of deciding to get help for your addiction, you are on the right track. The next big step is to decide exactly where to get that help. There is a multitude of treatment centers and program options; this can feel overwhelming and stressful. However, a few big questions and essential steps will help to guide this choice.

First, lay out your most pressing needs and priorities. Writing these down and researching centers based on those highlights will help you to immediately narrow your options to a list of places that make sense for you. If you have children or a large family, perhaps you’ll consider a facility with family counseling. If you’ve tried other programs and relapsed, maybe looking into the post care and relapse prevention methods will be helpful. On a basic level, asking questions about nurse to patient ratio and accreditation may also be useful.  

Timeline of Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Many people wonder how long they might be away; this is a difficult question to give a general answer to. Every individual, every substance, and every program for addiction recovery is different. A good range to wrap your mind around might be 30 to 120 days. Essentially, though, the program will be as long as it needs to be to provide you the help and care you require. Some programs are much shorter, and others span longer than 120 days. Each facility will have additional information about the average length of stay and what you might expect for your particular situation.

The Price of Rehab Treatment Centers in GA

Like length, the cost of programs might vary. The length of stay may even be a deciding factor in this. Other issues to consider when picking a recovery program, are things like extra amenities or location. Talk with your insurance company to find out whether they offer coverage for addiction treatment; this may play a role in your decision process if they collaborate with specific facilities.

Next steps

As you go through this difficult decision process, you’re likely to need support. This free and confidential hotline allows you to speak with specialists about your choice and your unique situation.