There is no set reason why we turn to drugs and alcohol, yet the fact remains that society does turn to substance abuse. Sometimes, that abuse becomes an addiction. It happens everywhere in the United States. In fact, 4% of Iowa citizens reported being addicted to illicit drugs and alcohol. Thankfully, that statistic is half of the 8% national average. Unfortunately, however, 5% of teenagers between the ages of twelve and seventeen have reported needing, but not getting, treatment for drug and alcohol abuse; the national average is 4%. This problem amongst Iowa citizens, and especially their youth, can be helped. There is treatment.

How do I locate the best drug and alcohol treatment centers in Iowa?

Finding a treatment center for your drug and alcohol addiction is the first step on your way to recovery. Iowa offers a multitude of rehab centers for you choose one. Each facility is different, so researching your choices and setting up consultations with your top contenders would be a great idea. Keep in mind that these facilities are run by professionals. Your recovery is their goal. Don’t be afraid to ask questions so you feel comfortable.

How long will it take me to recover from my addiction?

Recovery from a drug and alcohol addiction is subjective. It won’t happen over night. While some patients are able to break free of their addiction relatively quickly, for others it may take years. Don’t be discouraged. Breaking an addiction is a choice you will have to make every day, so keep at it. If you’re committed to your recovery, rehab is the best place for you.

How much will my drug and alcohol treatment cost?

Every rehab facility is different, which is another reason to do your research. Some facilities are expensive, but treatment doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. Check into state funded