In Minnesota, the problem of drug addiction runs rampant. In 2015 alone, there were 216 deaths attributed to opioid abuse. In addition to this, there were 187 deaths from other illicit drugs. Drug addiction is clearly on the rise in Minnesota, but there are ways to combat this. Throughout the state, there are drug rehabilitation centers at which patients receive treatment for their addictions.

Finding the Best Addiction Treatment in Minnesota

There are many different drug rehab facilities in Minnesota, and they are all unique. Some of these facilities are simple, straightforward ways to resolve addiction. Other drug rehab centers closely resemble resorts or spas, offering luxurious treatment options. Deciding which of these facilities is best depends on you, and what you can afford. Some addictions will require a more rigid, rigorous approach than others. Researching several facilities and talking with their staff will help determine which option is best for you.

Length of Time Needed to Recover from Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Typically, the programs at drug rehab facilities come in three lengths—30, 60, or 90 days. The length of the program depends on the severity of the addiction and other factors, such as the patient’s willingness and determination. In some cases, treatment may extend beyond 90 days through an outpatient program.

Cost of Rehab Treatment

The cost of drug rehab treatment varies, depending on the facility as well as the length of the patient’s stay. One important factor in determining the cost of a stay in a drug rehab facility is figuring out whether or not insurance will cover your treatment. Contact your insurance provider to see if they will cover the cost; some companies will completely pay for rehab or at least offer partial coverage. From there, you can work with the staff at the drug rehab center to establish an affordable payment plan.


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