Introduction to Finding a Drug Rehab in Virginia 

In Virginia, 7% of residents report using illicit drugs within the past month. While the rate of drug-related deaths in Virginia is lower than that of most of the country, that does not mean that the problem of substance abuse does not need to be taken seriously. The state of Virginia has a plethora of drug rehab centers to assist those who are struggling with substance abuse.

Choosing Virginia’s Best Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug rehab centers come in all shapes and sizes. Some facilities offer luxurious, spa-like amenities and others take a more bare-bones approach to addiction treatment. Many factors play into selecting the drug rehab center that is the best fit for you—you will have to consider the types and lengths of programs offered, cost, amenities, and even the location. With all these options available to you, however, you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed. Although the details of treatment may vary, all of these facilities are armed with trained professionals that are, above everything else, concerned for your wellbeing.

Time Required to Recover from Drug and Alcohol Addiction

In order to effectively and completely recover from drug or alcohol addiction, you must completely dedicate yourself to the process. It will not happen overnight. You may be encouraged to stay in a drug rehab facility for as long as 90 days or as few as 30—it depends on the severity of your addiction as well as the underlying reasons for your substance abuse.

Cost of Drug Rehab Centers in Virginia

Another variant in the process of recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is cost. The price tag on a stay in a drug rehab facility is dependent on your choices. Obviously, a longer stay will cost more than a short one, and luxurious amenities will also carry a higher price. Make sure that you contact your insurance provider to find out if they will cover a portion of (or all of) the cost.


If you’re ready to break free from the chains of drug addiction, call our hotline at 123-456-7890 and speak to one of our specialists, who will be able to direct you towards the best drug rehab centers in Virginia.